Honestly, thank you for coming.

Ready to hit the road

Welcome to New World Nomads, where we’re rethinking travel.

Not that we’re rethinking as in “reconsidering” — we’re still traveling. We’re simply adjusting how we do it.

Follow along as we traverse the Southwest (and eventually the other regions in the country) and discover what it means to explore the country while adhering to new guidelines. The rules have been rewritten, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still see the world, even if it is on new terms.

We’re on a mission to see the country, one socially-distant town at a time. Masks on, gas tank full, snacks packed, sanitizer on deck, we’re ready to go.

On that note… does anyone have any good road trip snack recommendations? Being from the Midwest, I always discount the heat and end up packing things that melt more or less immediately (I’m looking at you, chocolate chip RX bars).

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