Introducing Ourselves

Without further ado, I am proud to present: Rachel and Michelle!

We’d like to thank our sponsors, namely our former employer who brought us together as virtual coworkers before unceremoniously firing us and leaving us with far too much time on our hands. Enough time to start this blog. Enough time to respond to every strange LinkedIn request I’ve received since 2019. Enough time to relearn how to play the recorder I have sitting in my nightstand drawer (yes, really).

We’d also like to thank our boyfriends for all their hard work in putting up with our bullshit. Thanks, guys. It really means a lot coming from you.

Let’s get this started.


Rachel and her trusty steed, Lilo

I grew up in a tiny town in Northern Michigan called Suttons Bay.

For reference, I think the current population is 618.

I went to the local high school, where we did things like “break into the middle school gym and play on the track mats” for fun. Also “steal rotten apples from the local farm and throw them at road signs.” The list goes on.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with my BA in English and Creative Writing and decided to move west. After a year in California house- and cat-sitting (super allergic to cats but free housing was worth it) my boyfriend and I finally landed in Phoenix.

I’ve been freelance writing since college, but about a year ago it became a full-time gig at a company, writing articles on things of interest in the Southwest. Then, tragedy strikes, the company disbands in the span of 10 minutes, and Michelle and I decided to start our own travel writing thing.

We’ll call it a “hobby” for now, but it’s really more of an obsessive passion project.

Enter: Michelle

Desert girl in her natural habitat

I grew up in Arizona, where most of my childhood was a mixture of oppressive heat and constantly finding cacti needles in my skin every five minutes. I spent most of my high school days dreaming of jetting off to San Diego for college, which ended up never happening because I was awful at every subject in school except writing and history. However, after my first year of college in Tucson, I decided it was finally time to see more than my tiny desert corner of the world, and I impulse-booked a study abroad program for London, England.

I ended up spending six years in England, finishing my Bachelors and Master’s degrees, and using my Work-Study Visa to extend my stay as long as I could. When I finally came back to the states, I felt changed in the most exhilarating way and have spent every day since chasing the high that comes with seeing new and amazing places. I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand, and even got a dreamy year in San Diego before I went broke and had to move. I have been a freelance writer for numerous travel companies and now reside in Las Vegas of all places, which is just as big of a surprise to me as anyone. I’m excited for this new adventure and to bring you guys along on our travels which we are sure will be jam-packed with hilarity, epic scenery, and some off-key car karaoke.

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